Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fast Fashion Revised

My revised version of "Fast Fashion" (now without the subtitle) was also recorded with Jing.  It is a fast-progressing poem in the style of Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries.  The main inspiration for this poem was a documentary called The True Cost.  To create a chaotic atmosphere, there are two separate audio tracks playing simultaneously during the video.  One is of me reading the words on the screen.  The other is of me singing "Not the Same" by Bodyjar.  (This digital poem is being used for academic purposes only.  I do not claim any ownership of "Not the Same."  Also, loading times may vary.  I suggest letting the video load fully before starting it.)

Chris(tmas) War, Peace, and Pine

Like my other final poem ("Gunpowder Symphony"), "Chris(tmas) War, Peace, and Pine" focuses more on aesthetics than my past poems.  It uses HTML and CSS, plus a couple of embedded videos.  I wanted to have a holiday theme to this poem, so I went with Christmas (fast approaching).  The background color to every page is red, and the poetry on every page is green, but the shades of red and green vary depending upon the mood of the section.  Each section contains three pages, except for the last section, which is a single page.  I hope you enjoy!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Bonus Final Poem: Gunpowder Symphony

"Gunpowder Symphony" is a small hypertext poem adapted from an exercise done early in the Digital Poetry course.  (I focused a bit more on aesthetics here, Dom.)